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Our Story


Growing up, joy was found in the simple moments, ones found not in some far off adventure, but those found in our own backyard. Some of my fondest memories include lively games of kickball, swinging on the backyard rope swing, or carefree trips to the neighborhood pool.  The common element? They were all outside. Today, the world is a different place. More than ever before, families spend more time inside instead of outside.  

Now as parents with a family of our own, we wanted our family to experience that same joy we found in gathering with the ones you love in the great outdoors. So in the Spring of 2018, we founded Tupelo with a simple mission: Inspire joyful moments between families, friends, and neighbors outside  with beautifully crafted, essential products that are built to last. We call them “goods for the sweet life,” and we hope you enjoy them.


Sara Kenton
Founder and CEO



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