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Game Spotlight: Capture the Flag

Game Spotlight: Capture the Flag



Capture the flag is a classic outdoor strategy game that is both active and  fun. Team’s compete on a defined field of play with the objective of capturing the other team's flag.  It’s the perfect game to play with a



War times and

Set Up

Forested Field

Neutural Space / Each their own field

Flags _ anything will do

Chalks, cones, etc to define each territory

Playing the Game

Divide into teams - 2-4 teams of 4-5

5 minutes to hide flag - can be mostly hidden, but some part must be visibile

Start game in neutral area on edige of terrirory

How to win - find flag and bring it back to your own base

 When a player is in an opposing team's territory, he can be captured by that team's players. If they tag him, he must perform a task—say, five jumping jacks or three push-ups—before returning to his own territory. (In some versions, captured players are sent to "jail." But that means less physical activity, so we recommend the sweat-out-of-jail strategy instead.)

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