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modern silhouettes that stun

We combine sculptural design with unparalleled durability. Our furniture pieces are not only beautiful, they are easy to own.


Fresco Dining Chair

Our Furniture

Sculptural Design

With a design philosophy rooted in simplicity and informed by ergonomic principles, our furniture achieves a sculptural quality that integrates well in a variety of aesthetics.

Unparalleled Durability

Constructed from premium marine-grade polyethylene using rotational molding techniques. This material and process give our pieces incredible durability in the harshest environments.

Easy to Own

We aim to make owning our furniture effortless. One-piece constructions means zero assembly and zero components that will rust or fail over time. Hose off or power wash to clean.

“We utilize rotational molding, a manufacturing process that has been broadly used in industrial and agricultural applications for its strength and durability. We pair this technique with our thoughtful and meticulous design process, the result is a unique creation we’re proud to call a Tupelo design.”


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